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Juniper Suzette

this journal is friends-only, sorry.

I usually only friend people I know in real life because I talk about some delicate issues, and therefore play this close to the heart.

But feel free to drop me a note, and we can talk.


Yeah, I have no idea how that happened either. perhaps the Orig. Moderator/maintainer decided to leave and left the community in our stead? Because we're super smart and groovy and fun like that? Just a guess. :)

I'll go ahead and add you so you can read up a bit if you like; If you'd do the same for me.
Oh, you're new too? Haha - that just makes it funny and weird. Maybe we won by random lottery.

I'll certainly add you, although fair warning is that I do most of my official academic stuff over at my blog, Academia as an Extreme Sport, which is RSS'd here to LJ as... er... you'd think I'd know this, having set up the feed. Ah yeah, extremeacademia.