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Juniper Suzette

this journal is friends-only, sorry.

I usually only friend people I know in real life because I talk about some delicate issues, and therefore play this close to the heart.

But feel free to drop me a note, and we can talk.


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I've added you as a friend. Add me, pls? I admit I don't post, but I comment a lot!
hah, you're from efw, right? :D sure I'll add you.
Hey, I exchanged comments with you about Daniel Johnston in audiography. We seem to have similar interests. Mind if I add you?
Sure! I've added you as well. :) Thanks again for that track.
I'm game, hit me!
Sure, if you'll do the same. You might be interested to know I ride a motorcycle too. ::flashes you peace sign as I go by::
I don't post much on my journal so I'm afraid you'll get little on your end, but I'd like to see more of your writing here. Your piece on ligation was intriguing and your dream posts on sufjan hilarious. XD
haha, thanks! Sadly I haven't had any good Suf dreams recently (otherwise you'd know about it for sure).

You're added now. You might be interested to check out the "writing" tag.
I want to know more but won't be offended if you decline my request. Your posts in efw and your myriad interesting icons have piqued my interest.
hah, that seems to be a common occurence. :) You're added.
Sorry for posting over here, but I didn't want to break up stuff over at efw...

Any chance you could tell me where your Crap Top 40 icon came from? Is there a larger version?

I'm in a band, and would love to see what all we're up against. :P
It's an image from an old Web site that went out of commission years ago called The Brunching Shuttlecocks. You can find the original image archived here: http://www.brunching.com/accountingfortaste.html
Insult to Islam.


Request for journal owner to add CP.
Eyerolling. Self-aggrandizing diatribe about how CP is "late to party" with rest of efw community members.

Link to onion article re: "L. Ron Hubbard invents E-meter to test human gullibility."

Begrudging addition to friends list, allowing CP to view details of OP's life.
I just found your comment in my "blag." I would love to read your own if you would be so kind to allow me privy.
oh, yes! I remember you. Added, if you'll kindly do the same. And, I should warn you off the bat, I've lately not taken kindly to an overabundence of HP-related squeeing, but I'll show mercy with n00bz.
=( I was just curious to read your journal ;)
Yes, that's fine! I (finally) added you back as well. I'm listening to some stuff off Ghana & 9BP.
ilu so much right now, you are hilarious. :D
YAY! So are you. :D HUZZAH efw
Okay. Seeing as you routinely crack me up on efw and your music blog is highly nifty... do you terribly mind adding me?
Hah, I do? Awesome. Sometimes I think I'm only amusing myself there. Anyway, sure, I added you. I only request the same courtesy.
Well, I'm not entirely sure I "get" efw but I sure do spend a lot of time there.

Anyway, I'd love to read your journal, if you don't mind. And if you truly do want a postcard, you can email your address to me at mcaricofe AT gmail DOT com.

I'm random, like the elephants.
Like checking out that new restaurant or returning those shoes that don't fit, friending you is something I keep meaning to do, but never quite got around to. Well, now I finally have. I'm intrigued by the idea of you writing in first-person!
Consider yourself added. diego001vouched for you. He said you're at least as paranoid as I am (clearly, since I pretty much only friend people that I A) know IRL or B) can be vouched for by someone i know IRL.) [ Insert relevant Nirvana lyric here ]

At this rate, though, by the end of the year, 50% of my LJ friends will be from EFW.
Have seen you in other fashion communities, and would like to invite you to fashion_istas
Active fashion and style community, we would love to see you there :]

Sorry if this wasnt wanted :[
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