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Juniper Suzette

this journal is friends-only, sorry.

I usually only friend people I know in real life because I talk about some delicate issues, and therefore play this close to the heart.

But feel free to drop me a note, and we can talk.


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Well I'm on your friends list but *HI*!

Hugs 'n' snogs darlin'!
so, ive never had someone go friends only while i was on their list.

do i need to re-request to be added? or am i good to go?
as long as you can see all my past entries, you're good to go.
well if you're going f.o. I can no longer sneak peeks through Bejay's journal. Guess I'll have to add you myself! :)
sounds good. you're add-ified! :)
At your discretion.
added! :)
Operator: Thanking for calling the "Place a comment to be added" number. If you wish to be added to this person's friends list, please press 1 now.

Me: *presses 1*

Operator: You have indicated that you wish to be added, if this is correct, please press 1 now.

Me: *presses 1*

Operator: You have indicated that we were correct in assuming that you wish to be added, if this is correct, please press 1 now.

Me: *presses 1*

Operator: Your comment for request on being added as been posted, have a nice day.

(I *think* I am already on your friend's list, but just in case)
Yes, you are, as is Ter. As long as you can see all the past entries that you've seen before, you're fine.

lol nice post :D
My sis reckons that pic of Jeff Buckley looks like James (when he had his hair *sob*) from afar!
I've had more than one person mention that Adam looks like JB now. But his mom said he looks more like Josh Groban. I don't know about that...
Hallo! Er, not that I object necessarily to suddenly finding myself a moderator of a community, especially on bioethics, but I'm sort of wondering how/why I got tagged, since to my knowledge we don't know one another - this being the only way I can get ahold of you. ;)
Yeah, I have no idea how that happened either. perhaps the Orig. Moderator/maintainer decided to leave and left the community in our stead? Because we're super smart and groovy and fun like that? Just a guess. :)

I'll go ahead and add you so you can read up a bit if you like; If you'd do the same for me.
commenting to be added
added! :)
Commenting to be added! Sounds like we have kindred crazy relatives.
yep, it's true...

friended! if you'd friend me back as well...

from sufjan board

random question: on the sufjan board, you just posted a bunch of icons. in number eight, there are like squiggly things all around the font... i was wondering if that was a font you're using? and if so, where'd you find it? or if you designed hte effect yourself, just briefly-- how?sorry, just curious :)

Re: from sufjan board

yep, that's a font called ardenwood, from dafont.com. it's free, but a demo so all you get is caps.
You posted Jeff Buckleyto audoigraphy, in return I wish to friend you...
added! <3
I saw your comment in how_embrassing. I want those grading materials.
heh, addified. :)
Reasons why I want to be added:

- We like a lot of the same music (Sufjan, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Magnetic Fields, Bob Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, Modest Mouse, etc);

- You have a Charlie the Unicorn icon!

- You too find Joyce pretentious and unreadable;

- You're a writer, which is sort of my unattainable aim in life;

- I like the title of your novel, as it reminds me of one of my favourite movies, Playing by Heart;

- I need more cool people on my friend's list.

too flattered!

Wow, you really did your homework. How can I say no?

ps, are you really Portugese/currently residing in Portugal?
Don't want to be added, but you're one of my mixees for the Audiography mix tape challenge thingo! Just e-mail me your mailing address and I'll get started! (alexifer @ gmail.com)
adding you as a friend, friend! :D
Added! Now you can actually read things! :) (Might I suggest starting with the Sufjan tag to your left? haha)
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